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Our Mission

The chief concern of Scoil Aonghusa is the child.
In Scoil Aonghusa we are committed to developing each child’s full potential in a caring, stimulating, positive and supportive environment. This means taking into account his/her physical, emotional, social, intellectual, moral and spiritual well-being.
The school will take into account the individual difference of each child as well as his/her particular environment.
The school will foster and nurture the pupil’s sense of belonging to family, church school and the wider community.
The school will endeavour to prepare the student for as independent and capable an adulthood as the potential allows.
Scoil Aonghusa will strive to promote, both individuality and collectively, the professional and personal development of teachers through staff development programmes.
Scoil Aonghusa will encourage the involvement of parents through home/school contacts and invites everyone to participate and to contribute.
All students are welcome to enrol regardless of race, religion, gender, family status, disability or cultural difference.
Scoil Aonghusa’s ethos is a Christian one and the school reflects individuality.

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